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Glossary of Sexual Health Terms | Planned Parenthood

alfred kinsey (1894–1956). Most influential American sex researcher of the 20th
century. His research was unique and groundbreaking. In extensive live ...

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Recognizes National ...

Feb 13, 2012 ... While condoms have been traced back to 1,000 BCE, not all sexually active
Americans use them equally. According to the Kinsey Institute; ...

1953 - 1972 :: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota

Alfred Kinsey's Sexual Behavior in the Human Female reports that 9 out of 10
premarital pregnancies end in abortion and 22 percent of married women have ...

Margaret Sanger

Luther King Jr., Alfred Kinsey, Margaret Mead,. Eleanor Roosevelt, Jonas Salk,
and Malcolm X (Le. Brun, 1990). Motivated by a deeply held compassion for the.

Masturbation — From Stigma to Sexual Health

One of the most important results of that work was the normalization of
masturbation and the weakening of the stigma against it. Kinsey's research
revealed that ...


métodos durante la masturbación (Kinsey, et al.,. 189). En tanto el público
norteamericano había podido aceptar el informe de Kinsey sobre las actividades.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Maggie Awards 2006 ...

May 12, 2014 ... Actor Kathleen Chalfant speaks to the crowd after receiving a 2005 PPFA Maggie
Award on behalf of the critically acclaimed film Kinsey.

New Study: Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics Play Critical ...

Nov 22, 2016 ... “These data show that family planning clinics provide indispensable access to
high-quality contraceptive and related services,” said Kinsey ...

What is Sexual Orientation? | Common Questions and Answers

Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual - Homosexual - Bisexual.

Christian Family Life Education

Page 1. CHRISTIAN. FAMILY LIFE. EDUCATION: A Guide for Teaching about
Adolescent Sexuality and Reproductive Health. Written by Shirley Miller.

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