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Vasectomy - Procedure, Cost & Effectiveness

Vasectomy at a Glance. Sterilization for men that prevents pregnancy; Safe and
effective; Costs $0 to $1,000; Meant to be permanent. Thinking about getting a ...

Vasectomy :: Southwestern Oregon

We provide free vasectomies to men who qualify for Oregon's CCare program
and support low-cost vasectomies through our vasectomy fund. Find out if you ...

Vasectomy :: St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri

We are now offering no scalpel vasectomy permanent sterilization for men 21
and over at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

Vasectomy :: Planned Parenthood Center for Choice

We offer the no-incision ("no-scalpel") method of vasectomy at our Houston (4600
Gulf Freeway) health center. With this method of vasectomy, the skin of the ...

Vasectomy :: Southern New Jersey

Vasectomy - Planned Parenthood - Southern New Jersey.

Vasectomy :: Greater Ohio

If you no longer wish to have children biologically, you may consider vasectomy
as one of your permanent birth control options. What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy Services - Planned Parenthood - Great Northwest

Are you looking for a permanent form of birth control? Getting a vasectomy might
be a method you or your partner could be interested in. A vasectomy is meant to ...

Vasectomy Services in Thousand Oaks :: Santa Barbara, Ventura ...

Vasectomy Services in Thousand Oaks - Planned Parenthood - Santa Barbara,
Ventura San Luis Obispo Counties.

Vasectomy Services in Hamilton :: Mercer Area

Vasectomy Services in Hamilton - Planned Parenthood - Association of the
Mercer Area.

Marie Hamilton Vasectomy Fund :: Maryland

The Marie Hamilton Vasectomy Fund honors the legacy of Marie Hamilton, a
dedicated PPM employee for over 25 years. Each year, over 500,000 men in the

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